Interim CEO Set Strategy and Builds Team

A large global health care company spun-out the intellectual property for a unique pulmonary diagnostic technology to a newly established firm that required experienced leadership. A TCG partner has taken an interim CEO role, developing overall strategy, building corporate infrastructure,…

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European Expansion through Partnering

A US based, market leading diagnostics company wanted to expand its product line in Europe where it was a second-tier player. TCG met US and EU managers to define the key search parameters. Through its broad network, TCG identified more…

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Locating Distributors and Negotiating Agreements

A European public company with orthopedic medical devices wanted to enter the US market but had no established American distributors. TCG identified distributors in two key market segments (spinal applications, and general orthopedics) and negotiated two segment-specific distribution contracts on…

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Turnaround Strategy

The US subsidiary of a mid-sized Austrian medical device company had been performing poorly for years. TCG conducted a comprehensive analysis of the markets, the subsidiary operations and marketing/sales efforts in all three lines of its US business. Recommendations included…

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Stepping in to Provide Commercial Leadership

A mid-sized publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company needed business and marketing expertise to prepare for the launch of a recently-acquired drug for a rare disease. TCG, with deep experience in the marketing of drugs for rare diseases, led the commercial…

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