Creating Your Team

Managing for Performance

Key indicators should be part of your business plan.  We help define the key performance indicators to keep your business on track.  If not closely watched, even a fast-growing, successful businesses can run out of cash, experience supply shortages, or under-invest when needing to expand.  These avoidable mistakes can let competitors gain a footing or fight back if you have taken share.  We can help you map your growth path and be sure you are monitoring and acting at key decision points to sustain your business and market growth.

Defining Your Business Team

In a new business or new subsidiary, defining the business structure and organization up-front accelerates company growth and avoids sudden turns and bumps due to human resource issues.  Our group has helped map organization structure so that teams can hit the ground running and not be bogged down in unclear reporting relationships or by having under resourced functions.  We have led organizations and know the big gains that can be made having the right team in place at the very start.

Selecting and Coaching Your Team

We can help you locate key personnel or serve as a coach to your new leaders or, if needed, we also roll up our shirtsleeves when you need to augment your management team.  We are ready to jump in at critical times in interim management roles and then ease out as your team matures and expands.  Whether you need interim top leadership or backstops in key positions, each of our partners have over 25 years of experience in industry leading roles and can help accelerate your growth curve.

Case Studies

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White Papers

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