Strategic Connections

Accelerating Growth Through Distribution Partnerships

TCG can help identify the best distribution option for expanding your business in a new market.  We help you decide if your product or products are best delivered through a distributor, through a licensing agreement or taking the product direct.  We can identify distribution partner candidates, negotiate agreements, license your product or even set up and operate a new subsidiary.

Leveraging A Development/Commercialization Partner

Finding a motivated company willing to co-invest in your product development or commercialization can speed your product to market when limited internal resources are holding you back.  TCG has negotiated successful agreements which helped both parties reach their strategic objectives, bringing the product to market faster and enabling rapid uptake through the the partner company’s existing market strength.

Guiding Your Merger/Acquisition Strategy

We can identify acquisition targets to help you expand your product offering or be used as a vehicle for entering a new geographic market.   Or, if your goal is to maximize company value to a strategic partner, we can help you find the right match and negotiate a merger or acquisition.

Bringing In New Funding Sources

TCG can help guide the decision to seek outside funding whether that be private equity, venture capital/angel investment, or debt financing*.  We help you sort through the spectrum of options, understand the advantages and disadvantages.   We can then advocate for the company through corporate presentations, connections to funding networks and term sheet negotiations.

*TCG provides these services through its affiliation with Daybreak Capital Partners, a New York-based specialty investment banking firm.

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