TCG Welcomes New Partner Travis Lindsay Attending German Biotech Days April 9-10, 2019

TCG, an international life sciences consulting firm, is pleased to welcome Travis Lindsay as its newest partner. Travis brings more than 25 years of senior executive experience with leading medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.  He has led several organizations through reorganization and redirected strategic direction leading to spectacular increases in top and bottom-line performance.

Focus on the customer, with an eye for competitive positioning, has enabled him to bring products to market which command premium pricing while pushing aside even large, entrenched competitors.  Travis has been involved across many therapeutic categories including ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, respiratory care, neurology, gynecology and ENT. On the technology side, he has worked with light-based technologies (laser and LED), optics, endoscopy, infusion pumps and software solutions including artificial intelligence. His in-depth knowledge of company operations allows him to drive organizational changes and operational excellence in customer care, business intelligence, supply chain management, sales and marketing.  

Travis’ career experience includes general management and marketing roles at Carl Zeiss, Edwards Lifesciences, Pfizer (Lederle), Philips (Respironics), and Heidelberg Engineering.
He has lived and worked in Germany and speaks German.  He received his B.A. with emphasis in public relations and advertising from San Diego State University and M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.

The 2019 German Biotech Days (DBT)– Travis will attend April 9-10 in Würzburg. The conference is co-organized by BIO Deutschland and the Council of German BioRegions. This year’s host Bioregion is BioM.Since 2010, the Council of German BioRegions in BIO Deutschland has put on the German Biotech Days, an annual two-day event that provides a forum for all stakeholders in Germany’s biotech scene to exchange views and experiences. The event has continually grown over the years, becoming the leading networking platform for the German biotech industry.

The DBT are a meeting place for more than 850 representatives from the worlds of business, science and government, including partners from funding institutions and public administration. Through a series of talks, panel discussions and breakfast sessions, the conference discusses the conditions for innovation in biotechnology and the wide range of biotech applications.

In addition, an accompanying exhibition will give companies, research institutes, associations and organizations an opportunity to present themselves to conference attendees.
Contact Travis: or phone 919-941-0700.

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