TCG Partner Ken West to Present at Medica in Dusseldorf, November 21, 2019

TCG Partner Ken West will presenting at MEDICA 2019’s MEDICA TECH FORUM, describing a new TCG service for international companies who are thinking of entering the US market.

Rapid 17-Point Assessment for US Market Entry

TCG has developed a 17-point assessment to determine the likely success of new medtech products in the US market. The 17 factors evaluate whether the new product has: well-defined value in the US healthcare system, a path to FDA clearance and acceptable reimbursement, and a cost-effective means to achieve market awareness and rapid product adoption.

TCG’s assessment tool had been developed based on the experience of companies who have been successful (or unsuccessful) in entering the US market.

Mr. West will outline this assessment tool at MEDICA’s TECH FORUM, Thursday November 21 at 13h00.

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